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The Einstein Telescope Members Database (ETMD)

N.B. Quick instructions for RU Leaders on how to use the ETMD to add, move and remove members from an RU are available here.

About the ETMD

The Einstein Telescope Members Database (ETMD) is the unique definitive source of information relating to the composition of the Collaboration. It can be found here:

It provides information relating to:
  • individual Members - a complete list of all of the current Members of the ET Collaboration;
  • Institutions - a complete list of each of the Institutions that make up the Groups of the Collaboration, along with the list of users associated to each Institution;
  • Research Units (RU) - a list of the RU that make up the Collaboration; the Institutions that make up each RU; and the Members that constitute the RU;
  • Activities - an overview of each of the Activities of the Collaboration; who is involved and who is leading in which area;
  • Collaboration-level Roles - a breakdown and history of the occupants of Roles that exist at the level of the Collaboration, such as the Spokesperson.

Using the ETMD

Accessing the ETMD

In order to use the ETMD, a user must satisfy two conditions:

Available functionality

The functionality available to each user depends upon their individual role in the Collaboration. How this functionality differs across roles is explained in detail in this section.


Member Profile

All Members can view Member, Institution and Group profiles, as well as the Activities and Author List sections.

Members can also update the details associated to their profiles, including:
  • email address;
  • phone number;
  • the Member's name as it will appear in the eventual Author List;
  • the Institution(s) to which the Member is affiliated;
  • the ET Research Unit in which the Member is currently situated;
  • type of Position occupied;
  • whether the Member is a Permanent or Temporary Member of the Collaboration. Where Temporary, an End Date needs to be added, indicating the date on which the Member ceases to be part of the Collaboration. Note that, the information relating to Temporary/Permanent is visible only to the Member, the RU Leader and Administrators.
In addition, in the event of a Member being associated to more than one Institution, the Member can change the order in which the Institutions are displayed. This display order is also carried through to the Author List.
Member Activity FRTE contributions

In addition to Member Profile modifications, Members can also declare an FRTE contribution to a specific ET Activity. For any of the Activities, which are available here:

When adding an FRTE contribution, Members can:
  • declare a specific FRTE contribution to an Activity (N.B. Members cannot declare more than 1.0 FRTE as a sum total across all Activities);
  • they must also provide a description of the Activity FRTE contribution.
Upon declaration of an FRTE contribution, an email is sent to both the individual Member and the Activity Responsible(s), notifying them of the declaration.

Note that, to add an FRTE contribution to an Activity, it is necessary to click on the small blue icon found to the right of the Activity name.

Institution Responsibles

Each Institution has a dedicated Responsible, who can update the address and contact details for that Institution.

Research Unit Leaders

Adding New Members

Research Unit (RU) Leaders can add new Members to the ETMD. This is done via the Add a new Member to the Collaboration button available at the top of the Member List page.

When a new Member is added to the ETMD, emails are sent to:
  • the RU Leader of the RU to which the Member has just been added;
  • the new Member;
  • and the EGO IT Department.
The EGO IT Department is then able to create the Active Directory accounts required by the Member.

Please note that:
  • EGO Active Directory accounts for ET users are only created for Members that are found in the ETMD;
  • accounts will only be provided for Members that provide Institution email accounts; personal accounts will not be accepted.
Ending Member-Research Unit associations

RU Leaders can end an association between a Member and their RU - and thus the association between the Member and the Collaboration - at any point by either:
  • selecting and then confirming the End Member-ru association button in the Member profile;
  • or selecting the No Affiliation option in the ET Research Unit field of the Member's profile.
Moving Members from one RU to another

RU Leaders can move any Member that belongs to a RU, that is not the RU for which they are RU Leader, into their RU. To do this, they must go to the Member's profile page and click and confirm the Move this Member to your RU button.

Activity Responsibles

Activity Responsibles can:
  • modify the Title and Description of an individual Activity for which they are responsible;
  • add and edit new Sub-Activities;
  • view Activity-Member FRTE breakdowns.


Adminstrators can undertake all actions across the ETMD. In addition, they can associate EGO Active Directory usernames to each Member, following the creation of an account for the Member.

Feedback and queries

The ETMD can be reached here:

Administrative queries should be directed to:

Should you require technical assistance, please contact:
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